pushmi pullyu real animal

For a dream, there is no price, and does it matter?

Paper is generally at the bottom of the two-dimensional art hierarchy, but pushmi-pullyu out of the woods evidence proves that such logic doesn't exist.

perfect blue snake

Are pushmi-pullyu real?

If ambivalence in flat worlds is so variable across the internet, how will we learn how Pushmi-pullyu lives in an upside-down world?

sublime zaniness in flat worlds

If authenticity is the first step toward originality, pushmi-pullyu is facing hard times with inauthentic visual metaphor in art. The pushmi-pullyu often behave in ways that reinforce authenticity.

Marianne Moore's definition of poetry is "imaginary gardens with real toads in them."

Imaginary gardens with real toads in them.

cutest insect

Instinctive philosophy of human life.

ambiguous birthday cake boat

What is important is to tolerate ambiguity because in the end there are no certain answers. How blurry the line between fiction and reality is when sailing away from the safe harbor on a birthday cake-boat? Words are but wind.

The amphisbaena had a twin head, that is one at the tail end as well, as though it were not enough for drawing from the origin of art to the real end of painting. They are joined by captions that likewise contribute to the resulting ambivalence.

Salvador Dali's birthday cake-boat, because real artists ship.

Artist and muse in a flat world

In Paris, Edward Koren studied printmaking, etching and engraving for two years with S.W. Hayter at the prestigious Atelier 17.

Pushmi-pullyu's art is ambiguously positioned between the world of drawing, etching, and painting.

Edward Koren, who never retired, worked until the end.

The artist's morality lies in the force and truth of his description. Its grittiness is part of its allure.

Jules Barbey D'Aurevilly

For a dream, there is no price

We deal with it by talking about it. We deal with it by talking about italian artists who attacked the corporate mentality with an art of unconventional materials and style. The artists themselves were mostly annoyed by being unfairly branded by a term as dry as toast in the eyes of many critics.

Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, endings, and transitions was somehow an antique pushmi-pullyu.

A name, Janus (the Roman god of transitions) added, can change the trajectory of a life.

Nothing was symmetrical

The cutest insect in the world chooses its self-portraits according to its subjective sense of beauty, it's all in the mind. Ladybugs elaborate compositions that picture possibly non-human animals, nearly indescribable, almost intergalactic but literally timeless.

puchmi pullyu

They champion the underdog.

What does it mean, to understand? ... I don't know. A random walk through possibly doubtful art, uncertain and certain at the same time. Don't worry about anything... Go out and have a good time with art as possible. For a dream, there is no price.