All drawings of nature are inventions

Oil pastels are tools to achieve what we dream of doing.

Just scratching the surface of what’s possible with sgraffito drawings using oil pastels.

I like oil pastels because they're just ready to go.

oil pastel Sgraffito monkey drawing

Any object that will scratch a line into paint to reveal a colour beneath can be used.

Sgraffito technique
sgraffito artist drawing technique

Light art using less than a handful of art tools. Barely any intellectual glue holds this web page together, let apart acrylic sgraffito painting and oil crayons.

oil pastel panther

You have to play around with oil pastels and see if they fit you.

artworks funny lives

Oil pastels drawing are contemporary

Oil sticks are like oil painting, but free, wild and unpredictable. You always start from scratch. There is no need to succeed at the very first attempt at oil-pasteling your life. Just using both sgraffito drawings and oil pastels is not interdisciplinarity.