Figure drawings as figures of speech after postmodernism

aliens as humor in art

Postmodernism fosters aliens and irony

The idea of those postmodernist art works conspiring should have been funny, but none of us laughed. The true identity of puzzle pieces isnít always what we first expect them to be. Picturing figure drawings as figures of speech, antanaclasis is a postmodernist artwork and homonymic pun.

"Painting has always been the fetish medium of art history."

W. J. T. Mitchell, Postmodern imaginative design of what is regarded as normality and everyday life. Artists have every right to make middle-of-the-road views on controversial issues such as humor in art.

postmodern artist Magdalene

Neomodernism for its pictures of Magdalene because words are not sufficient to bring life.

hypermodernism paradigm of playfulness and art history

The cornerstone of post modern structural theory is the ironic-skeptical paradigm, according to which an artwork's function depends on its folding into an inexorable art market structure.

postmodernist pretty flowers

Realistic skepticisms about -isms in postmodernism foster playfulness in art. A cursory and unscientific perusal of art history demonstrates that splattering without any forethought is not all that is ever required, but there is so much fun doing it because art is a chaotic mess.

postmodern art ironic-skeptical paradigm

Only rats look for hypermodern urban mythologies

Find some loopholes: looking for vital and important work that forever make your place in the big game of art history ? Just consider drawing giraffes. It's seriously high art. Fanciful pages are an inevitable reality on the internet, even on so-called serious art sites.

Neomodernism painting

Neomodernism for its pictures because words are not sufficient to bring life.

So what is another definition of the aesthetic issues central to neomodernist artists without using the terms postmodern art or postmodernism to mean a rejection of too much rationalism.

The first sentence of this page is vacuous. It is important to remember that a picture is only as good as the playfulness on which it is based.