online original line art

All original artworks look humorous at first, seriously saying next to nothing.

Art and humor picture human weakness.

Humor is the supreme good, therefore its possessor is good.

Karl Marx, The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844.

Nonsense humor is the supreme good

Good art involves the beautiful things that quicken the heart

John Baldessari, You have to walk to see unusual art.

Funny art pictures human weaknesses

The very perception of what rules of art really are has been lost

Art begins when a person expresses his feeling by external indications, and ignores all the glossy, mass-marketed, impersonal imagery of the 21st century.

What Is Art?

Trying to fix a funny picture when there is nothing wrong with it to satisfy a migratory duck is futile because the web only is for ducks. That's the point.

You have to look deeper than the surface and possibly be faced with a different outcome than you expected.

Now consider contemporary art, you have to participate.

All profoundly original art looks contemporary at first.

Beyond monocausotaxophilia, you have to think. We feel stuck in dead end jobs.