Crazy drawings should have legs because art needs a serious mean to escape from the down-to-earth, material world approximating to reality.

Foolish is fun

What makes foolish art?

If funny art was easy, everybody would do it. To some extent, the list of one's preferred metasyntactic jokes is a cultural signature.

Art is much of what surrounds us in everyday life. Just painting a foolish picture of what you see.

Mother and daughter

"The picturesque is located in a space between the grand pretensions and enthrallment by the beautiful."

Francis Picabia, What did ancient people look like?

Our fear of the strange art that dwell between the weird and bizarre

Strange art live between the realm of the kitsch and picturesque.

The enigmatic nature of cherry tree leaves that dwell between the weird and bizarre.

De anima brutorum was the name of a duck happier than a foolish bird

De anima brutorum was the name of a happy duck. Art imitates life reflected in drawings of internet's most silly bird (aluminium plate etching).

naturally playful artwork

Crazy stones figure seriously happy art.