People form abstract representations of the environment, seeing the progression of mountain goats as a series of jumps rather than gradual advance. with a perception of the world’s hidden connections.

Thomas Kuhn, Imagination is life

Paradigm shifts make famous scientific art

Paradigm shift, in color because most-famous pictures are almost invisible in the internet

Sooner or later, a point of view becomes its own world. Good pictures highlight essential breaches of logic and inconsistency in scientific understanding because awesome artworks don't want to work at a place that says they can't think. A new chicken-and-egg dilemma has emerged as more pages keep their own paradoxes.

life is too short

Postmodernism art, there is nothing beyond the image. This is clearly creating a sense of wonder and whimsy and a problematic situation.Art has no purpose in mind.

We need art models and scientific models, but there is no one paradigm for art making. The dictionary defines paradigm as a pattern or model (life model?).

it's funny how the world works

It's funny how the world works demonstrating the magic of short jokes

There is an awful lot of rationalizing going on for art theory and an abstraction however is never really abstract. The magical belief is not difficult to detect in popular culture. If space does not have extra dimensions, underground art is important, including time dimension in space.

art has no purpose other than itself

Art serves no purpose

All images think they are theoretically important.

Artistic paradigms have no purpose in life.

form is the possibility of structure

Form is the possibility of structure

Making artworks amplifies whoever you are, even if you are the Easter Rabbit, or even if you are Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Pictures never lost their sense of humour, even in the wilderness. Remembering the distinction between "eccentric" and "progressive" can be made in obscure institutions in every corner of the world.