Our dream is balance in art.

element of art

Space as an element of art, beauty and skill are the currency in art, more images continue to be discovered.

But what is balance in art ? Thatís a hard question to answer, neither music or visual art can be accurately described in ordinary language, artistic emotion is ineffable. Although ludicrous artworks are similar in principle to seriously edgy artworks, they have long been dark horses in contemporary art because ludicrous artworks are better at keeping interest from viewers and holding on to the heat needed to keep life ticking along.

true art speak plainly, there's nothing to understand

Humans tend to imitate others. Our results increase the probability that the picture represents body language, artists have every right to make incomprehensible pictures. One pixel can make a difference, and everyone should try.

Postmodernism began when irony and absurdity went to marry together at the contemporary museum.

biological systems are so variable

Artsy pictures freak me out, because I found no logical connection at all to the story, because biological systems are so variable.

Postmodernist irony and absurdity

Elements of art are regularly singled out as funny ideas with no practical use. Metaphors for memory are forever forgotten.

Modesty in art
Theorem of art elements

Every artist takes from their surroundings and other artists, waffle has become an artform in itself.

the ghost in the machine

Are ghosts real? We need to talk about totally idiotic enigmatic things.