cool pictures create reality

Reality is created by cool pictures

As a matter of congruity and harmony, it would be better to have all the internet pages filled with art cartoons reaching the public with their stories.

Barry Flanagan

fun things to draw

Your goose is cooked, your art is fun to draw

The size of aluminium plates for etching are not large, because the eye's span of movement being only about 8 cm wide at normal reading distances, the sizes are kept as small as 85 mm x 75 mm.

good art out of proportion

Accuracy and precision can wait, don't follow the rules.

proportions in art

Unless you don't care of visual appeal, make your pages organized logically and predictably.

John Tusa

What is good about kitsch? Art is about making pictures to make sense of our complex world, getting a peek into the black box. Incomprehensible artworks bring opportunities to think creatively about finding solutions to difficult problems.