list of 100 things to sketch

A few empirical studies have shown that drawing helps reorganize associative memories in a way that promotes creativity and solve problems.

Keep distance and nearness simple. All motion is relative to an inertial frame of reference.

Thomas Houseago

Everything balances, even the theory of everything.

Any drawing idea will not secure your sketch in the top 1000 artist list. Elf artists extract their subject matter from the quiet moments of daily life. Technical skill migth be an helpful component in making art, but it's certainly not required.

Visual art obeys the laws of the visual brain : The fact that the head harbors the mind is at least as important as its shape, color, or location.

no absolute truth

The ideal list of drawings ideas contains only unseen things because reality kills imagination and the belief that there is no absolute truth. Beauty will save the world.

On going gallery of original emotional painting, an effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible.

Friday drawing

Friday drawing

Return to the practice of older days when practice of human body drawing was not yet divorced from modern theories of aesthetics and to do art lists.

W.J.T. Mitchell, Picture Theory, p. 377

Vision is a creative activity of the human mind. By and large this appears to be a dinky idea. Pictures have to see beyond the surfaces of things, as an ironic vehicle.

Words divide, pictures unite

The very tininess of an object may exert a fascination that compensates the slight weight it would otherwise have. Keep persistence and fleetingness whimsical.

We see with the mind, many pixels have concerns about the details.

The meaning of any postmodernist Santa inkblot with reindeer fishes is found in the frame within which we view the wackiest pictures of feisty cute monsters. Had it been April 1st I'd be convinced it was a parody.

Words divide, pictures unite

“What becomes of the artists’ models? Where is she now, this model who was so beautiful? What has been her reward? Is she happy and prosperous, or is she sad and forlorn, her beauty gone, leaving only memories in the wake?”

Audrey Munson

Perpetually one picture away from finishing this damn web page.