list of drawings ideas

We see with the mind.

We need real poetry to make change happen.

"Let us sail to the depths of the Unknown to find something new."

Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil.

The ideal list of drawings ideas contains only unseen things because reality kills imagination and the belief that there is no absolute truth. Beauty will save the world.

unconscious power of enchantment

W.J.T. Mitchell, Picture Theory, p. 377

Vision is a creative activity of the human mind. By and large this appears to be a dinky idea. Pictures have to see beyond the surfaces of things, as an ironic vehicle.

It is the power of enchantment which matters.

René Magritte

Wonderfully human
list of 100 things to preserve memories

A few empirical studies have shown that drawing helps reorganize associative memories in a way that promotes creativity and solve problems.

Keep distance and nearness simple. All motion is relative to an inertial frame of reference.

Thomas Houseago

There is something ghostly in all great art.

Lafcadio Hearno

girl seeing the invisible

Your projects and skills will give you a sense of achievement. Lost art may be the lot of humanity but Sisyphus defeated the fate by enjoying it. And a story for another day.

What are the lessons learned from the postmodern theoretical puzzlement? Nature is self regulating in order to maintain balance. That sounds terribly abstract and some examples may help.

Indifferent pictures, like dull people, must absolutely be moral.

William Hazlitt

Everything balances, even the theory of everything.

Elf artists extract their subject matter from the quiet moments of daily life. Technical skill migth be an helpful component in making art, but it's certainly not required.

Visual art obeys the laws of the visual brain : The fact that the head harbors the mind is at least as important as its shape, color, or location.

drawing ideas

The very tininess of an object may exert a fascination that compensates the slight weight it would otherwise have. Keep persistence and fleetingness whimsical.

The meaning of any postmodernist Santa subliminal nostalgia with reindeer fishes is found in the frame within which we view the wackiest pictures of feisty cute monsters. Had it been April 1st I'd be convinced it was a parody. Naive artworks activate of a small population of neurons that had previously been activated by a positive experience. Do not be a simp. Be yourself.

Words divide, pictures unite

“What becomes of the artists’ models? Where is she now, this model who was so beautiful? What has been her reward? Is she happy and prosperous, or is she sad and forlorn, her beauty gone, leaving only memories in the wake?”

Audrey Munson

“I like the idea that in novels, all the characters we decide to bring to life have the same opportunities.”

Marie NDiaye

symbol for happiness

Symbol for happiness.

Picture theory tells that a good painting is a dead painting. strengthens mad skills. Internet is perfect medium for painting the colour of good time.

quirky science

Without art sites where people can peacefully mingle, people simply become strangers in a stranger world.

Sculpture should contain the minimum of movement. Perpetually one picture away from finishing this damn web page.

Aristide Maillol

That DNA art system constantly needs to be fueled, even from its beginnings, by what is outside of it, That is the way it works.

not too late to learn drawing

Is it too late to learn drawing?