Without beginning or end, the picture is a true artwork, not only an illustration or a cartoon.

symbol for kindness

What is the symbol for kindness? People communicate using creatures that inhabit cute expressive drawings. Art is about symbols for helping others, not issues.

Great drawings have a grateful outlook.

grateful symbol for thoughtfulness

What is the symbol for kindness? Serious artworks do make one think and are not nearly as silly as they may look at a first glance.

subversive potential needs humor

There is beauty in the danger. Of moral necessity, price must reflect humor.

symbol for helping others

Symbol for helping others.

congenial animals

Wrong art is so cute we must keep it strong.

Modern art can only be born where signs become symbols.

Wassily Kandinsky

It is not helpful nor possible nor effective to explain why you have chosen to ride toward some horizon.

symbol for kindness
asymmetry happiness

You don’t just give a moth four walls to live in. You give it something to be inspired by. Symbols for friendship. Internet was once about sharing, altruism and utopia.

symbol for resilience

The power of simplicity is a myth. A question, asked in order to make a statement, that does not expect an answer, is a rhetorical question, maybe a meaningless image that does not expect an answer. Words are superfluous.

symbol for the significance of time and the cyclical nature of life

Visitors are not passive observers. People communicate using human, animal and mythological creatures that inhabit expressive drawings. These easter eggs are identifiable by in-the-know visitors and reflect the belief that a deeper truth is hidden just beneath the streets.