knowledge construction

A simple linear narrative describing the development of this site no longer seemed to hold water because any thing we make is expected sinking quickly like a stone thrown into a quiet pond.

This site is intended to show the power of crazy as a box of frogs works because art gaze is life.

frog drawing postmodern graphic language

How to draw a frog as a postmodern graphic language? It’s not just that the term is difficult to define, words alone don’t seem to cover it.

When fine art was an artistic frog, the drawing stereotype was founded on the belief that there is an artist in every frog and that any would-be amphibian artist can learn to draw without preconceptions of any kind. The flat perspective and hierarchical relationships of the froggy characters remind us of the imagery of the ancient Egyptians and of medieval miniatures.

mad as a box of frogs

There is an artist in every frog, Pictures make leap from the page as mad as a box of frogs.

We report here that artist frogs can learn simple rules and apply old art tips to new situations with an acute realism and without extensive knowledge of art history.

Per Kirkeby, A New Spirit in Painting

Lao Dongxi artist


Zhou dynasty.

misunderstood artists

Any frog can learn to draw given the right tutorial.

Frogs have an aptitude for observation of things that others don’t see.

Weird ends are strange artwork

Froggy aluminium etching.

An image is worth a thousand toads : Support remains strong for the theory even as critics highlight its shortcomings as an explanation for how and why the toad began to be an artist in flagrante delicto.

Magic frogs make insignificant images significant. Never jump to conclusions without drawing. One of the sites that leapfrogged a lot of other sites.

Frog formalism in visual arts

Formalism drawing

Formalism means priority to the heroic human figure, arrangement, style and rational organization and little concern of content. Learning to make art without knowing the true nature of culture and subculture.

blue frog

We report here the true nature of blue frogs.

Per Kirkeby, A New Spirit in Painting

What we know now: Reality is deceiving, imagination is the solution. No one knows you're a frog on the Internet.

frog expressionism

Because software is basically a form of language, its intellectual property protection should be limited to copyright rather than patents, Art is not a thing but an idea.

Artists desperately searching for things to do to divert themselves from stress.

whimsical frog etching

A filter of memories and impressions, which ensures the elimination of superfluous details and abstracts the subjects to their figurative essence as harmless and silly riddles. Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Peter Schjeldahl when asked if he ever changed his opinions about artists he replied: “If your opinions aren’t changing, you’re dead.”