Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle: all armed pictures have conquered and unarmed pictures have come to grief

Why going through the trouble of creating art whose message wouldn't be understood?

The fundamental tragedy of drawing theory is that beauty is truth.

This is false, because the whole universe is in a glass of wine, what we call facts, are social constructs. The most important step in explaining something well is to figure out what's the minimum amount of explanation required for readers to understand your overall piece.

False art works are abundant in our world, but there are many real mental images lurking among the pictures. These true artsy elements are difficult to detect. Slow living is actually the secret for speeding up the important things in life.

goal visualization

Art is about having an idea.

One seemingly tiny change to a drawing can have a huge effect on your art project. A goal needs constant visualization for it to materialize.

Message in the bottle : It's not about doing a hundred paintings, but the handful of images that matter. All armed pictures have conquered.

Art is not just about facts and numbers, art is about the way you present them. Art is about giving short, powerful and easy to remember messages. A camera always do it faster.

There are piles of evidence. What is credible, what’s not, what seems likely, what’s not. So it’s not as simple as it seems. Even giant paintings can be suppassed by creative ants.