non-finito postmodernism

Drawing is a living document; painting is as a kind of container, an object that develops within time.

Furthermore, paintings follow a life cycle of emergence (birth of art), development (mid-career artist), and dissolution (death of painting). Good paintings spontaneously self-organize when the pressure, temperature, energy, and weather are appropriate.

There are several characteristics of a painting that make it theoretically appealing. Most notably, awesome organic paintings are living things, that is, they have qualities identical to those found in living systems:

They adapt their shape, size, position (relative to art history, or more frequently to art business), strength (being either a clear purpose or a postmodernist playfulness or dadaist ironic humor), and composition (rhythm, unity and balance).

non-finito provisionality

The most important purpose of an artwork is to bring life on the walls. The goals of art are an intoxicating mix of the primitive and contemporary portraits of human beings, and making a living from art. Any bundle of artworks should be seen as superorganism, a never-ending project as drawing the passing.

Artworks are living documents

Art is a better living.

What do I, as an artist, provide? Artworks are living documents. No one has any control over who lives, who dies, who tells your story.

A major yet unresolved quest in decoding imagination is the identification of the regulatory sequences that control the expression of the devil is in the detail. Art may boost fitness by promoting cooperative behavior.

I didn't have to control, something that was alive, evolving, and changing on its own. Always one step behind, they feel less, think less, talk less, are less. Living documents must never be finished.