“Remember, you are not locked into a single axiom system. You may invent your own, whenever you wish—just use your intuition and imagination.”


amygdala activation

The things that I have apparently parodied I actually admire.

Roy Lichtenstein

amygdala activation

People are quite intriguing. Painting is tyrannical and doesn’t value its viewers. To some significant degree, beauty is in the “eye of the beholder”.

We need stereotypes to live in a meaningful world

Stereotypes symplify our vision, our thoughts, help to put a name on things.

Hans Belting has been pointing out that thinking in ideas and categories is no longer a viable alternative.


Humorous art is a mismatch between the expected and the actual picture. Unfortunately too often, this is an excuse for lazy graphic design.

Why can we think only in stereotypes and categories and watershed moments?

Pictures like this are good to fight the stereotypes that ladybugs are crazy as a succesful artist.

We categorize objects in order to understand them, insanely easy or extremely difficult tasks. We have to reset our expectations on what constitutes a good life.

We report that crazy frogs can learn simple art rules and apply them to new situations. Therefore, pictures, like humans, can transfer structural knowledge from sequential experiences. The insame fox is left to complete the fairytale story in its mind.

Scientific names in which the same word is used for genus and species are called tautonyms. For example, the red fox is Vulpes vulpes and the black rat is Rattus rattus.

Then all of the pictures flipped back to normal (if there is such a thing)