sad artist, sgraffito

Each picture knows its own sadness.

I am not a happy sgraffito drawing, because art doesnt speak to me.

What represents sadness in art, no one else can share his happiness.

shy artworks tell a story

Failure is scary.

Shy art that shows sadness. I’m usually looking for some empathetic pang. Because Academia values stoicism and productivity, many young artists interpret these unpleasant feelings as a sign of inadequacy. The stupid aren't afraid to fail because they're stupid.

Low self esteem artwork

Art is a part of the rebellion against the realities of its unfulfilled desire and low self-worth.

Emma Goldman

low self esteem, sad and alone,  wall art

Being able to feel, express and control your emotions will contribute hugely to your life. Don't just speak. Poetic realism low self-worth. Art make us all happy. Reasons for not explaining clearly might be self-protection, obscure words help hidng insecurities.

For Mondrian in his early years, frustration and self-doubt alternated with intimations that he was on the right track, by whatever route seemed viable.

Poetic realism low self-worth

Dare to be wrong, or you may never be right.

The paradox of feeling held and utterly abandoned at once.

People that suffer the most in this society are most likely to be the most talented when it comes to art. Both anxiety and depression are associated with repeated exposure to stress, and the two disorders often occur together.

Colors can help you feel better, paintings are the arrangement of colors for pleasure.

So, as you can see this picture is packed with messages. It felt like I would forever be floating in space, aimless, totally lost.

sad and happy

You will not be alone because human beings are social, silly and lovable animals.

sad and happy

Howard Cerithium is not interested in depicting reality, he is interested in visualizing a mood. Life is about the power of positivity, if you think you can do something, the likelihood of you doing it goes way up.