Each image knows its own sadness

Each picture knows its own sadness, and no one else can share its happiness.

Sadly, non-artists skip over the better part of life. However, not everyone agrees. Sadness is against a strong energy toward creating art.

In an artwork you're always looking for artistic decisions, so an ashtray is perfect. An ashtray has got life and death. I am sad because art theory doesn't speak to me.

What makes it miserable for humans makes it perfect for paintings, failure is scary.

sad artist

Not a happy bunny, because art doesnt speak to me.

The wall of intolerance is sad.

Applied mathematics with a melancholy and pensive intimacy.

failure is scarry

People that suffer the most in this society are most likely to be the most talented when it comes to art. Both anxiety and depression are associated with repeated exposure to stress, and the two disorders often occur together. Artists seem to be different from normal people.

Because Academia values stoicism and productivity, many young artists interpret these unpleasant feelings as a sign of inadequacy.

sad artwork that tells a story

Shy art that shows sadness.

Being able to feel, express and control your emotions will contribute hugely to your life. Don't just speak. Art makes us a little happier.