samara seeds whirligigs

Whirligigs are made for witty art projects. Mapple tree seeds begin dreaming to dwell in art.

Time contains the seeds of all things, good as well as bad.

Niccolo Machiavelli

whirligig seeds as helicopter

Whirligigs helicopters and kinetic wind sculpture

Samara's imagination sees seed helicopters as a breath of fresh air of visual metaphors. Genuinely strong artworks see their flaws.

Run-and-tumble samara whirligigs may escape predatory whirlybirds. It’s not your talents, education, or eccentricity that determine your progress; it’s whether you keep the promises you make to yourself.

helicopter seeds

Ephemeral whirligigs whose flight power is synonymous with their lightness, claim that they are endlessly able to float listlessly in the breeze. An humorous answer to those expressing dismay at the lack of significant work among all the pictures they see in art websites.

whirlybird seed is spinning jenny

Whirlybirds worry about their own imagery because they don't want to be seen as mapple tree seeds.

hog girl copepod

Persephone expresses inexplicable aspects of creative process, implementing quirky elements into a visual language to communicate what cannot be captured verbally.

You always have to mar a picture a little in order to finish it.