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The human condition is depicted with a futuristic aesthetic, exploring the notion of utopia and its imaginative potential to reveal its darker undertones. Powerful art device are the one who see the light, being intelligent and truthful.

The painting never liked to explain its title, it left it to our interpretation.

You ought always to begin a page at the beginning, emotion in art.

The essence of the powerful emotion in visual art is petrol or linseed oil (even salad oil).

Emotion fairies are potentially the most powerful art device because emotions and memory are built into them.

(...) Following a familiar logic, which assumes that the decadent is inherently inferior in value than the non-decadent.

Who's afraid of the dark?

In Pascal's view, the human condition and the futile nature of life is characterized by inconstancy, boredom, and anxiety.

Emotion fairies

Focusing your mind on what you are drawing makes you being happier

Finding their quirks, they decided to see if the picture had legs of its own, as embodying all existence, both the seen and unseen.

Superflat is an art movement. It is an anti-hierarchical fusion of high culture, subculture, and everyday culture.

The average piece of mood-lifting artwork is made from parts (psychology + chemistry + economics) that are in proportion to each other in predictable ways. Distortion and unlikeness can play a crucial role in how the representing is achieved. Peter Pillbug endows his scenographies an otherworldly spirit that is nevertheless strikingly familiar.