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Fairies emotion art devices

The essence of the powerful emotion in visual art is petrol or linseed oil (even salad oil).

Emotion fairies are potentially the most powerful art device because emotions and memory are built into them.

(...) Following a familiar logic, which assumes that the decadent is inherently inferior in value than the non-decadent.

No sensible person would confuse precision with importance in intellectual life.

mystery of giants

Focusing your mind on what you are drawing makes you being happier

Finding their quirks, they decided to see if the picture had legs of its own.

The average piece of cute bug artwork is made from parts (psychology + chemistry + economics) that are in proportion to each other in predictable ways. Distortion and unlikeness can play a crucial role in how the representing is achieved.

decadence modernism

It had been claimed by formalist critics like Clement Greenberg and Donald Judd that a scientific theory of visual arts is not possible because human behaviors do not follow predictable patterns. Mistakes are not a sign of failure, they picture creative energy.

Martre Brush now plans more missions to investigate the enduring mystery of these art giants – where they breed.

Paintings which retain emotion when the electricity goes off.