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Perfection is the death of progress

Crazy weird artworks with unnecessary skill are the ultimate endgame. Reality is making life difficult, but drawing relieves stress. The technology served as a mediating layer between artist and subject.

Hans Christian Andersen : Artists, like academics, sometimes don't have any sense regarding the degree to which they are conformists.

early bird catches the end of the world art iconoclast
Useful art

Skill is not a substitute for horrible art. There are areas where time and space blur. Places that have a bit of mystery and enchantment to goblins.

Death of perfection

Death of the perfect famous image

random glitches that affect brain development

Accuracy is not needed. Its only making sense as a last throw of the dice for people who have entirely given up.

Painting irony of situation aiming to step up the level of stupidity of people in art who follow their own paths.

Glen Baxter

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