wholesome modernism

Useful art

Many drawings are going to be wrong in the end, but you have to start somewhere. Drawing might be the thing. Elusive and unpredictable magic has long been associated with experimental science. The distinction between knowledge and know-how can be profitably made in the natural sciences too.

Barry Flanagan, Looking for the ideal place where pictures could be effective and useful.

funny useful art

Cool weather is the season for emerging art. Yet, a sense of optimism runs through the etchings.

wise useful art

Because of the liquid nature of contemporary life and culture, pictures are expected to float erratically around the web pages. Yet, a sense of optimism runs through the etchings.

All-seeing eye symbol

Symbols such as the all-seeing eye are needed in this page, because they are apotropaic. Spider imagining worlds that don’t exist.

fun story to draw

Culture results in and is created by everyday pictures that stretche the boundary between art and design. Clothing can serve as decoration for the body.

Sometimes, these ghostly images are apparent to the eye if you look closely enough. But archaeological evidence and a closer look at literary sources suggests the legend may be pure myth. Much remains to be learned about the pigment physiology and reproductive habits of these absurd images of visual perception.

fun story to draw

Unless you don't care of visual appeal, make your pages organized logically and predictably because fortune is a cool artwork.

John Tusa

good art proportions

Incomprehensible artworks bring opportunities to think creatively about finding solutions to difficult problems. Wholesome modernism often is beautiful and brillant but wrong.

Interdisciplinary drawings walking out, accuracy and precision can wait, don't follow the rules. Architecture should produce true realisations of solified desires.

Salvador Dalí

good art proportions

Good art nearly always out of proportion.

Painting is nothing but an imitation of human actions. Aesthetic harmony over pictorial exactitude.

Nicolas Poussin

As a matter of congruity and harmony, it would be better to have (all) the internet pages filled with zany drawings reaching the public with their eccentric stories. It may not sound like much, but to me, this is a priceless gift.

Painting has to get back examining the inner lives of human beings.

Pierre Bonnard

It's over. The end. We could call this sloppy art, but we are humans after all. Pictures know the world hadn’t ended.