stupid quotes about graphic art

Computer please give me proof that interdisciplinary art exists.

Art may need to say something about the natural world and how beauty works. The way the mirrors distort the face and body can take some of the pressure off looking perfect.

"Today it goes without saying that nothing concerning art goes without saying, much less without thinking. Everything about art has become problematic: its inner life, its relation to society, even its right to exist."

Theodor Adorno 1984

Theory is key. Skillfulness is a whole other can of worms. Resemblance is certainly not the be all and end all of representation.

everything is a quest

It is hard to be sure what odalisque definition in art is anymore than asking whether it's possible to accentuate the various design eccentricities, turning away from a negative mood to something more positive.

Doing a finger in the air calculation: Because the best art ideas are cryptic, unresolved and illegible, calm and happy pictures make more money. Good pictures are as gregarious as termites.

Mad skills favor eccentric points of view

Mad bunnies have always been interested in what objects tell about the person who owns them.

There are also many mysterious ways of seeing, but in all cases the bottom line is that we see with our mind. Good art lives in the middle of nowhere.

artist real model

However original the pictures depicted, realism always try overcoming imagination, the artist is his own real model. Leaving out the big theories of drawing in favor of an eccentric point of view, art exists.

complexity is life

Better switching to unambitious doodling than petting the supremacy of pure aesthetics.

The artist calls this dilemma nothing less than “the question of all questions.” Art is the answer.

crazy artist

What do people want? Cool art subculture

Cyber-art is governed by its own aesthetic laws. Like an image where the proportions feel right. If you put up humor, something good is happening.

Beyond Postmodernism

What makes art memorable?

Borderline art and crazy paintings must be more worth remembering than a perfect photography of Alois Alzheimer.