Noah's Ark art

Contemporary artists and geneticists are in the same boat: Drowning in data.

It often does seem a pity that Noah did not miss the neo-naturalistic boat.

Mark Twain

Artist proof that naturalism is not realism.

"Nature is too strong. It shouldn’t express itself unchanged. You have to work on it and with it, but gently."

Shim Moon-Seup

Pony tailing nature drawings

Sgraffito drawings are the work horses of contemporary realism, even when they skip around arbitrarily.

Trying to decide such issues simply by fixating on a fluid and arbitrary definition is, by nature, pony tailing crazy.

Emile Zola

Without getting too far into the weeds on the specifics, killing creatures that exist only in folklore is not easy.

Good art ducks the darts.

Mandrake's inimitable and timeless way of seeing. The English name of the plant derived from Latin deep art roots mandragora through French main-de-gloire.

flower fairies

Our visceral concept of what is "natural" depends on what we, or flower fairies, are used to, and will continue to evolve as technology does.

Exposing human vulnerability in turbulent times. There is a complexity apparent in these pictures that take them beyond beauty.

Ludicrous art may be its own best reward.