pig purple

Some pictures, insanely complicated in name of cultural creativity, created an art filled with legions of beautiful metaphors.

Arthur Danto, Purple is not violet, purple was a very expensive color, and so only the wealthy aristocrats wore it.

postmodern purple

In this painting, the expectation is that every layer does better than the previous layer. This is no longer the case. The upper layer might have less.

purple is art

Purple art is the color of craziness. In the later Roman Empire, and perhaps earlier, the phrase "born to the purple" meant of royal/imperial blood. Purple art has a historical value.

What makes someone an artist?

Can anyone artsy declare themselves a graphic artist? Or must they first accomplish something or have to be skillful? Justice hasn’t been done to the purple egg.

postmodern purple

Good purple art is not knowing it is art at all.

Gyula Várnai

postmodern purple

Is that art?

Color is whatever an artist says it is.