the ghost in the machine bring emotion in visual humor

The ghost in the machine bring emotion

There is an existential feeling about the real ghosts and their dreamlike effect following no logical, natural or even aesthetic rules, and little understanding of the abstract uses of eerie language.

eldritch black and white ghosts

Real ghosts dwell in old books

Picturing ghosts is like chasing the horizon. You keep walking, but you can never really get there.

punkish ghosts are real

Is this an main art thing or more of a magic spell artwork ? Jules de Balincourt

Ghosts are caught between two worlds, one that is virtual and one with real-life demands. Contemporary art is ruled by the abstract eldritch spirits.

People will ghost you

People will ghost you.

Ghostly urban legends sometimes feel silly, some pictures feel overly distressed when they can't be seen everywhere.

Be silly, not stupid.

No one has time to read the legend, art symbols resonate with internal logics of their own.

In science, what we see is limited by what our mathematics allows us to see..