Art non-linear time

You see time do its work.

Time is never to be hurried.

Art is like irony, an ephemeral unanticipated part of our biology: isn’t it awful? There is no time like the present, ever. The actual time is the thinking part

Oil pastels reflect the passage of time.

Art non-linear time

Oil pastel stands the test of breakfast time.

The actual time is the thinking part, for just a second the picture feels human, with a lifetime of good memories.

Time art is an ephemeral unanticipated part of our biology. For just a second the picture feels human.

To live life in all its fullness, we have to use colors. Timeless street art is our contemporary romanticism, ephemeral artworks have a singular vision of the art of time. The perfect time will never appear. You have to create the right timing and situation for yourself.

What is the future of the past?

Time really is not the limiting factor.

What is the future of the past? Print keeping the memory of some ephemeral holly leaves, as an etched aluminium metal plate.

What is it about art that will to do something? Keeping the memory of human condition.

Retrophilia digging up the roots of our habits and mind-sets, terrible is better.

Art non-linear time

Are ancient dragons real for time based artists? I haven't seen one picture of retrophilia since i fell off my dinosaur.

John Ruskin ("accuracy being the first and last thing they look for") explored a wide variety of types of practice in drawing from time immemorial.

Art non-linear time

Good art stands the test of time, Truth is the daughter of time

Ephemeral artworks have always been a means to an end—a way to hook up human condition. You know good pictures are alive and they can walk away, and pretty soon you have a self-perpetuating circle. Time contains the seeds of all things, good as well as bad. Never too old to learn, that might die like a mayfly next week?

The reading of good books is a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.

Rene Descartes

You've got to be a fool to want to stop the march of time.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Shim Moon-Seup introduced the concept of time by materializing traces of wear and tear on stretcher-mounted canvases, which he then sandpapered, emphasizing the elements’ physical properties.

Art minutes and seconds presumably know something the rest of us don’t. The whole point is that it’s up to you to think and make up your own conclusions. Ephemeral artworks have a wait-and-see attitude, good art stands the test of time. Art is about meeting biological needs.

Slow living is actually the secret for speeding up the important things in life, mixed with acrylic paint to produce textured, topographical surfaces. I want the most precious thing you have, your time.

candle mice, golden rectangle

Never too late to learn drawing.

Art websites are such an amusing place to work if you are a drawing to make people happy. Good art should have legs to run away the material world. And even though it doesn’t make sense, you know the end has come. And it’s time to close the page.

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