Time will tell ephemeral art

Why art is nature ?

Because time is the great artist. Because every artwork is a statement about the nature of our existence, only ephemeral art is art.

Art is ephemeral but not mortal life is ephemeral.

How and why time has become a tool for artists working in a disturbingly fragile medium? How to kill time?

Why nature is art ?

How to predict if your picture will die? Nature and art are ephemeral by essence, art nurture discriminating minds.

Physical and emotional effects converge in good pictures to suggest the transience of life.

essence of nature and art

We don't make ephemeral art easily but the one we do is for life.

Time is an everyday ephemeral artist
ephemeral cats know what the transience of time means

Jean Michel Basquiat, Even transience of time is ephemeral

Everyday artists make art from the stuff of everyday life and therefore rejected by a wide audience.

Arthur Danto, Perishable art is about the ephemeral nature of being because time has an elegiac and mystical intensity

Nothing will last to the end of art.