fear of spiders

Arachnophobia is the fear of poetic spiders.

Spider emotion as art

Recent studies of spider phobia have indicated that fear of spiders is closely associated with the disease-avoidance response of disgust.

The "Disgusting" Spider : The role of disease and illness in the perpetuation of fear of spiders; Graham C. L. Davey ; The City University, London

ladybug frightened girl, woodcut block

Emmelina was bitten by the collecting bug.

crazy fear of spiders

The spider is a receptacle for emotions that come from the web.

Pablo Picasso, Nothing creates distrust more than an art site that is full of perfect spiders.

Free spiders let their hair down, and meaningless sentences causes people to become sick from worry. It is a natural evolution of the market. Invariably, more and more of such artworks end up in museums and collections that don’t want to sell.

Collecting beautiful spiders

Collecting, both an appreciation of creativity and a creative process in itself, turned out to be an enriching gift for spiders.

Art gallery where there is nothing and everything to see.

The modernists believed that good art is good because it is innovative, and that an ambitious artist should not make things too much like what others have made before.

Good art fears birds

Image caused by the presence or imminence of danger, because there is nothing to fear but birds, ornithophobia and fear itself.

Blue spider obscures the boundaries between art and everyday life.

four eye spider

collecting spiders

It is argued that the disgust-relevant status of the spider resulted from its association with disease and illness in European cultures. Fear of smart devils is just part of the human condition. Sleeping spider has spent an artistic lifetime within this exploration.