whatabouts of artist as trickster

Whether or not it is art or humor, consider everything an experiment, what exactly are we looking for?

Artists who use visual metaphors, and graphic paintings do have a point.

But for pictures, it’s just not enough to exist, waxoil drives out humor with humor. Too much pictures gives you a really 2-dimensional outlook on life. Fun is over for serious art sites.

Is wax oil necessary for painting?

There is no good reason to run an art website.

Time is running, we shouldn't be scared of rain and winds, we should be scared of perfect images.

subculture ideas

Instinctive philosophy of human life.

Waxoil spontaneously self-organize into artworks when the pressure, temperature, and energy are appropriate. Be an artist to capture the transient beauty of every day scene.

Identity can be defined only through multiple images of self.

The boundaries demarcating good art and shoddy stuff are chimerical. It's not a black and white thing, but it may be the essence of art.

All it takes is to allow for that little image to sail off into the oceans of the internet as a part of the postmodern floating world.

The page’s conclusions might be “super obvious”, but they have important implications for pointless shallow sites: Humor is not a joke.