Fanciful art for everyone

These days, a field of awkward experimentation is as figurative a term as scapegoat. How many people even read your papers now? Human and nonhuman, physical and immaterial.

underground artist

Hangdog eyes become artists out of despair by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Caspar David Friedrich, Life is beautiful

Death of the end of the world, comtemporary drawing meeting monsters.

Let's make absurd art instead of trying to solve the early bird problem. Now, it's beginning to emerge from the shadows. Instead, constantly iterate and improve, by little steps.

Image theory is a backwater and seemingly divorced from anything that mattered in the real world.

Art is a set of ways of thinking and acting through which, sometimes, results emerge. the statistical methods used in this page are something of a compilation of how not to do things. Bad pictures are very uncomfortable with the truth, missing the forest for the trees. He likens it to a forest maturing: Its overall size might remain the same, but the trees' branches grow denser and more complex. Contemporary art itself has been stripped of its ideological cloak, revealing the dual fragility and resilience of the human body. Different is not wrong.

all hat, no cattle

One can conveniently analyze these reports with the same back-of-the-envelope calculations, fortunately all images are not equal. There are different theories expanding the values and questions considered of how food for thought artworks are made, being interested in seeing beauty in places you don't generally find it.

turning dreams into art

You cannot crush drawings' dreams.

Drawings are sad when they feel neglected, ignored or underappreciated by the sleeping parts of our brains; art is life. Art is the magic that turns sleep into happy dreams. What makes us human is less dramatic, if no less absurd.

Art is a human activity, and so there will be some cheaters.

art makes dreams come true

Good art makes dreams come true.

If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time, without having to touch a line of code.

Are ghost real ?

He sleeps and his sleep is the dance of all the birds on earth flying north.

Jim Harrison

What makes a painting memorable ? Magic art drawings dreams.

The most overrated thing in the art world: The idea that artworks have to be expensive to be good.

What others say and do is a projection of their own dream. Artists and cats do dream, but cats also have some kind of sense of art?

Dreams are mental images made by the labyrinth of our brain, sailing through life's stresses, and necessary for strengthening memory.

Art-induced unconsciousness is explained with deactivation of parietal cortex. Those who don't forget their dreams, cant distinguish fantasy from reality.

dreams of cats

Dreaming gives the brain images of external reality that are important for survival.

Howard Cerithium had previously initiated and are continuing to take the necessary corrective actions for all issues outlined in the reports.

Anti-painterly painting was stress relieving when it was guerilla art, now it's like painting the death of sincerity.

Paradox of "Death and the Maiden" mirroring "Nonobject versus object in postmodernism".

our understanding of art theory is grossly simplistic

Business and art can coexist, together with superficiality, artificiality and impenetrability. and that's beause the web is largely designed for viewing on computers.

duplication is duplication? Appropriately enough, since this is a paper on chirality, it really depends on your point of view.

Perhaps the critics in this case should pause to look in a mirror? Mimesis may appear to have developed its skills overnight, but it has put in plenty of hard work.

Subjects remain hidden behind social masks and habits of self-presentation; it still for some strange reasons got published.

Make a joke otherwise the crooks will continue to iconoclastic pictures. exaggeratedly elaborate creation that jumbles together incompatible styles and materials with kitsch decorations.


An error that can creep into a calculation, will.

Eubulides of Miletus

We don't any longer load all the sins of a community on to a goat and send it into the wilderness.

In statistics, latent variables are variables that are not directly observed but are rather inferred from other variables that are observed. Mathematical models that aim to explain observed variables in terms of latent variables are called latent variable models.

Chaos theory turned weird painting from an incoherent set of theories and practices into a rigorous and humane discipline. Bizarre recounts all possible forms of misalignment of values.

Looking at the stars always makes me dream. Vincent van Gogh

all transcendent visions, no cattle

Open yourself up to new perceptions, again; alike transcendent visions.

Martin Kippenberger, If the picture has legs capable of arousing a sense of beauty, in today's world, it will generally be quickly confirmed or debunked.

It is impossible to draw definitive proof that an artsy page performs a particular task based on its pictures alone. Such progress has saved lives.

operating on similar lines, for similar reasons; artists are stereotypically poor.

Sarah Lee evokes contradictory emotions from security to eeriness.

it is a case of honest error rather than fraud. It all depends on the puzzle of rising silliness.

Demonstration of causality is an instrumental step in elucidating the fairygenesis. But survival seems to have been often a matter of chance, not careful selection.

standard irony

"A painting is a visual history of all the tiny decisions, many totally subconscious, that coalesce into what we call a painting."

Because sight is not vision, enigmatic symbols of fancy orientalism used as fantasy-like figures are real odalisques.