Art doesn't pay.

Money talks, the more, the louder.

With a new landscape comes adaptation, success is survival.

I like to live as a pauper but with lots of money.


Beauty and aesthetics are Veblen goods

To be someone that makes a living from art is the goal for most creative people, banknotes are funny artworks.

Money talks, the rest walks

It is what fuels funny art, punctuated by laughter that gives one to understand that what it is saying is not to be taken too seriously. For weak paintings, imitation may not be a form of flattery, but a way to survive in the wild.

Most artworks will disappear in art history with out any trace, abstract too much is not worth umpty-squat.

Beauty and aesthetics are Veblen goods

I’ve found that “So are you an artist?” is the most polite way to ask someone what they do in the art industry, because everyone would love to believe they could be one. Annie Armstrong

Does that mean my drawing is a crime? Money overcame the limitations of visual perception.

Veblen goods doesn't pay in an art world, where quality is judged by price

Samuel Butler, More money than artistic insight. At least a piece of art is a tangible status-seeking consumption. Art business is tainted by the low and banausic nature of what it involves. Theoretically this is the art market rationalizing itself, but in the interim how do pictures survive? Money is somewhat abstract

Danae, Zeus and the shower of world art gold

Because we live in a consumer society where marketing is a daily pressure, it is possible to be ironic about the cult of original painting.

Pictures dream not about making waves but making money; banknotes are funny pictures used to proove that we live in a major consumer culture.