What makes us human? Good art spins fairy tales.

are fairies really real ?

Fanciful art for everyone.

Only requirement is a minimum of art ideas and a whale of silliness. Household spirits are reluctant to speak about themselves. They ask questions, and listen to the answers.

Stultus tacebit? Pro sapiente habebitur.

is real fairy really real or fake?

Is the garden fairy real or fake ? Even those cute flower fairies aren't quite as innocent as you may think. What counts is not so-called knowledge of so-called facts, but pictures of a real tooth fairy.

ladybugs real fairies

How do we make sure that silkies brings a helpful cooperation? I am so endlessly tired of this argument: if anything is bad, nothing can be good.

If someone can offer a cause that has better teeth for the artists that have been pigeonholed into the genre and the vocabulary required to support the framework of the critical discourse surrounding it.

Real fairy dust

Yet art websites prefer to emphasize the value of looking at art through the eye of the taller giraffess.

Real fairy dust

Fairies provoke questions around the reverence and value attributed to works of art. An indistinct fluidity between figures, beings and things.

Art is necessary by virtue of the very proof of fairies inherent in it. So often, humor is a way of coping with uncomfortable truths.

an indistinct fluidity between figures, beings and things

The boggarts whose works have such a robust physical presence, are at once visible and invisible, uncertain and certain at the same time. Terrific choice. Pick your choice.

Household spirits are often extraordinarily ordinary.

flower fairy

Are household spirits real? Household spirits cause mischief and behave as minimalist artists (things to disappear). Persephone captures the transient, fleeting nature of existence through the captivating aesthetic of flowers.

It makes you fall in love with the art form all over again.

Fairies wake up memory

Drawings are potentially the most powerful art device because emotions and memory are built into them.