Perfection is boring, indian ink and bamboo drawings will never came with a clean slate.

Bamboo pen's in-the-know predictions for the internet art.

Luckily, there's a bulwark against any attempt to roll back the progress made. That sounds terrible. Ink blotch artworks argued in manifestos that some previous dominant movement was now irrelevant, and that they should be keep making interesting things.

indian ink altered book

Indian ink dooling over a text written by Pablo Picasso, despite many technological advances, artist' materials have changed little over the centuries. Bamboo pens could make heads or tails of it.

What does conceptual humor attempt to do ?

What does conceptual art attempt to do ? Quality and rarity are living closely, not far away. Bad leaves make good etching prints.

theoretical art

Theoretical art, in art, there are many truths.

The juice was probably not found to be worth the squeeze. Smiling pictures have to make sense and have a use.

things that make you smile

Out of date and useless inked paintings from the past that make you smile.

In art, there are many inks, all of which are equally valid.

Progressive artists who are open to lots in the studio

The head-clearing effect of subliminal nostalgia.

Progressive artists who are open to lots in the studio

What's the point of participating in this charade any longer?