Perfection is boring, artist molluscs are draftsnails.

Copper plate slug etching

Bad leaves make good prints.

A brilliant and thought-provoking snail is a skillful draftsman, making sense of dead leaves for perfect soft ground copper >etching prints.

botanical print

Skeletonized leaf for botanical prints

Snails make amazing skeletonized leaves by etching out the green layer of freshly dead leaves, artistic slugs cautiously avoid barking up the wrong tree.

botanical leaf copper etching

Skeletonizing leaves helps copper plate soft-ground etching exposing the graphic design of botanical leaves vein skeletons.

Copper plate slug etching

Snail art is distinguished by its deep feeling for dead leaves and a peaceful pilgrimage in search of art. Copper plate etching of snail-eaten leaf (La Réunion island).

juneberry leaf soft ground etching

Geometry of saskatoon berry leaves (juneberry)

alnifolia berry leaves

Not yet ready for soft ground etching.

purple snail is so reassuringly incredible

Purple snails are such intelligent, noble and patient creatures. Nature is so reassuringly incredible.