Outsider art must be fishy.

A productive fish begins with a focused mind, and a strong theory of aesthetics.

Drawing of fishes resists categories, but art-dependent humans prefer artistic achievements rather than stereotypes.

Graphic fish has something left in the tank. Sometimes, when research results are too good to be true, people start thinking there might be something fishy going on. Could a picture like this mislead people in dangerous ways? They have a fondness for weird theories.

Return to the practice of older days when practice of visual arts was not yet divorced from modern theories of aesthetics and philosophy of human life.

W.J.T. Mitchell, Picture Theory, p.377

alternative art dwells in odd-fish art

Why am I spilling my beans, then? The gyotaku wanted ideas to bubble up from below to shape her pet aesthetic theory. Crucially, this process takes the job of drawing out of the hands of artists institutions and democratizes a so-far prohibitively expensive process.

fragility of art

Graphic fishes have no idea of the fragility of the art at the lower end of the scale. Visibility is dangerous, hidden art is safe. Pictures dream of freedom.

Theory of mind enables to anticipate and interprete fish behaviors and is essential in regulating school interactions.

Arboreal, or tree-dwelling, fishes play a vital role in forests across the globe. Each of them demonstrates engaging approaches to drawing liberated from contemporary seriousness but not from representation.

The cheap strategy doesn't scale very well.

Seth Godin, Moving ever forward, like a graphic fish. Really crazy artists see their canvas as something alive, something living.