caterpillar dreams

If no one thinks you can, then you have to.

Be proactive not reactive, by any means, with any means.

Important things like oniric butterflies are invisible and untouchable and looks to be a combination of harmonious shapes, mystery and uncanny perception. Some caterpillars feel safe and secure to crawl on the ground with plenty of food, and no risk of flying above flowers. Other caterpillar want to risk their their lives at becoming butterflies.

Oniric butterflies should fly during the daylight hours from the hidden books of a secret library and enjoy earthly pleasures beside the art museum, returning at nightfall.

Art is not something that easily follows artists' rules: ephemeral transience of life is true and is not true at the same time. We provide a counterpoint in a chameleon that exhibits art conflict over humor. Nannotechnoloy is a very small field and Vice Versa understands nonsense artworks.

A stereotype continued by contemporary artists who address mythologies in their visual art works. The Lion of Saint Mark was emotionally dependent as a weird species of iconic art.

Emmelina knows the answer


Pavlov is sitting at a bar, when all of the sudden the phone rings Pavlov gasps, "Oh crap, I forgot to feed the dogs".

Artspeak must be meaningless and obscure to represent "genuine artspeak". Fusing two perfectly sensible sentences makes a true example of controversial but with a strong artistic vision fot litchees.