meretricious art

Summer is fun, tomorrow can't come soon enough. We are really just scratching the surface of the art world.

At a time to forget the troubles of life, you can definitely do cool things without getting into the hairy parts of art theory.

Happiness is sometimes hidden in the unknown. It’s in anonymity we experience true freedom.

Victor Hugo, Les deux trouvailles de Gallus.

Online art brings life

Contemporary art bring to life a dazzling array of vibrant pixels

If you see it on the internet it must be true is there is a lot of positive energy all around with a sense of humor. The sincerity of art online is as illusory as specialized art discourse with claims to universal aesthetic truth.


Imagination is the answer to all and to be cool in this horrible world.

A reminder of that time in your life when the skies were bluer. Blue is the color of dreams. A persistent reminder that, for as much as the pictures evolve, there is one part of its meaning that will not be silenced. The entire point of life drawing is to translate the totality of physical presence directly into living pixels.

A nostalgic search for a lost coherence sometimes seems like a never ending up hill battle. Life is short, do what you like and I now have the horrible luxury of time because living for tomorrow is a close-the-barn-door-after-the-horse-has-bolted situation.

visual metaphor

These half human half beast artists shared the belief that representational art was obsolete and that the new image art needed to be autonomous. This metaphorical mermaid should stand on its own legs, or fish tails, like nature rather than copying the world around it.

What goes up must go down, and the hype around funny art will inevitably deflate sooner or later, we are only in the beginning of the story.

People are complicated, algebraic art refuses to oversimplify. We can change the contemporary thriving bazaar paradigms.

pink devil graphic art

As a psychologist you would know that if it demands complicated mathematical transformation, something is going wrong. We have more immediate, gut-level emotional reactions to pictures before we think about the image's characteristics.

Danny Kahneman

wry humor vs. universal aesthetic truth

Real Santa knows what is good about kitsch art.

The question of incongruity is one of those almost undefinable situations to the widest possible audience.

A story written by minds like our own for the sake of online art.