Lapis Lazuli pigment is the color of your dreams

That blue is a good thing and lapis lazuli a symbolic pigment.

Once a living symbol for being the most expensive pigment, nowadays the symbolic blue color. It's down to the geometry of the crystal.

What is the blue color without lapis lazuli?

What is blue without lapis lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli Oil Pastel

Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan as unique pigment with safflower oil and microcristalline wax as oil pastel medium.

Homemade Lapis Lazuli Oil Pastel

Only wax, oil and powder of the blue stone of happiness.

unexpected lapis lazuli

Art can be found in the most unexpected places.

The riddle is critical because blue is not lapis lazuli, but the color was a message, and lapis lazuli always is blue: Ancient pigments had a certain penchant for hyperbol. Understand that you will likely live 7 decades.

pigment painting with lapis lazuli

Model painting with lapis lazuli

How and why making blue art evolves, particularly among non-artists, remains a major paradox for evolutionary art critics. But there was a loophole, and artists in a separate branch of ludicrous physics found a way to exploit the gap.

useless memory is necessary

Useless flowers, art and zinc humor are necessary. It makes you fall in love with the art form all over again.