Drawings are grounded in some reality, but these are myths and Sisyphus is the absurd hero.

myth of sisyphus

Sisyphus has no choice, but drawing the sisyphean task of art making.

The struggle itself toward the drawing is enough to fill a man's heart. Considering past failures, it looks like an uphill battle.

Albert Camus

Rather than asking a recognized artist for help, smart pictures try first by themselves. It helps them to learn something new and also prepares them for solving new problems in the future.

Sisyphean etching

Accomplishing only futile artworks is the price that must be paid for our earthly passions such as zest, grit, self-control, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism and curiosity. Pointless or interminable activities are described as Sisyphean. The rock is still rolling as the myth of Sisyphus goes downhill.

sisyphean Sisyphus drawings

Not a Greek god, but a humble human hero who speaks of reality drawing as a Sisyphean task.

Albert Camus, Sometimes art seems like a never ending up hill battle.

The people we want to be around are the “join me at the top” people.

Sisyphus aluminium etching

Aluminium etching from the plate been used for the above print (of course mirroring the picture).

About the picture's existential quest for meaning in a chaotic ocean of images. So the central aspect of Sisyphus page is rock-solid and uncontestable.