crazy cool picture escaping reality

Cool isn't crazy

It's how you are seen that counts.

Crazy pictures are everywhere but rarely in Art Museum.

idealism is a cool art idea

Idealism speaks cool art

"There is simply no getting around the dialectics of life and death, desire and aggression, in the fundamental ontology of the image where art meets silliness"

Weird artwork meeting crazy artist

Cool drawing discussing the notion that it is indeed uncommon art

Even if you are not making controversial drawings, you find new crazy challenges and new cool directions you can to go in. Every eccentric picture displayed in an alternative art museum aims to be an image. Naturalism picturing subjects as they appear in every day life, is one of the after-death lives of realism.

Pop Art
cool drawings are witty allegories

Witty art making life fun

Pitting the triumph of the human will against humankind at the mercy of gods and unseen elements of the universe. By relying on luck or chance, the "dada" artists were stressing the pointlessness of their actions, and their absence of intentionality thereby laying claim to an unfettered and risk-taking attitude.

Definitions kill cool alternate art

Definitions of art kill the fun in contemporary art. Conceptualism is about witty allegories.