humorous idealism and funny realism

Humorous art blessing union of idealism and realism

By definition, bizarre, dadaist comedy is what moves human beings, one’s reality is not the same as another.

stupid quotes about art

"Art affects the senses or emotions" is the most stupid quote about art.

Sincerely simple things bring idealist painterly paintings to life, each simple image is a narrative that tells a story. Skill alone don't make a funny picture.

Keep it funny is what art is

Art is ultimately subjective, so that regardless of how "good" or "bad" we are told real must be, we must had some fun with it. Humour as a strategy in daily life.

Art is a beautiful matter of opinion, a prelude to postmodernism, or a sequel to postmodernism.

Keep it funny is what art is

Looking for making art? The picture supplies little in itself, what counts is how you are using it.

Rrose Sélavy, pronounced "E-rose, that's life"

Keep it simply funny

Bottom line: Keep it simple and funny. May the Chaos God smile upon you.