Spirit of things

Spirit of things represents the blend of signal and symbols.

The subject that is hiding in plain sight has the appearance of a mystery.

Chaos is a successful image of funny art

Escaping from visual crap is the true aim of art.

Chaos is a constant threat requiring constant vigilance because visual pollution is frankly terrifying.

Fighting visual pollution

ghostly funny art

Zest and funny things showing that they are two sides of the same coin.

How the spirit of things is making you crazy? Each picture wants to be packed with art in progress, a pretty image is not necessarily a nice picture.

silliness has the appearance of a mystery

Zest is the fuel.

Left alone visual humor had mild effects on its own.

People’s experiences with art yesterday occurred mostly in white cubes, environments that were designed to filter out distraction.

No art was harmed in the making of this page.