The internet itself is the real work of art.

Pictures used to be flat, now they pretty much have to be amazing. In our digital age, great art is small enough to fit entirely on the screen.

Graphic design humor

The goal of the internet is to imagine pictures that don't exist, and create the process that brings them to life, using graphic design playfulness. Images are imaginary.

Graphic design without playfulness or humor : what could be more boring?

Progressive artists who are open to lots in the studio

Notions of high/low, avant-garde and kitsch, are obsolete. Graphic design making imaginary images a playful place to think. Do art that take your mind away from the chaos.

ornithophobia is such an odd bird

Ornithophobia, because a bird in hand is worth ten displayed on the internet.

A lot of art sites say "go outside." Today I went outside and explored in some woods. How does a graph tree get on the internet? By logging in, give me the pictures that will make me happy.

The majority of art websites still appear buttoned-down and cleaned up.

Artist's rules of thumb were chosen with an intense intellect and instinct. Neomodern is a once cool word that was killed, like many fruitful dissatisfactions and strange art

why are meaningful drawings so cute

Why are meaningful drawings so cute ?

Ladybugs are surprised by just how powerful a picture can be. Experience the same kind of magic as mindless art does, avoiding nitpicking over the difference between nonsense art and silly artworks. Information and integration may be the very essence of consciousness.

Studying the complex interaction between slothness, fairies and mind. To make space for contemporary art in your life, begin with thin artworks, that is works on paper.

Remember the paradox of the number of hairs in a rabbit's tail? None, because they are all on the outside. It becomes more like a question of fact that can be proven or disproven or not proven. Because reality is created by imaginative people, it would be better to have all the internet pages filled with the unusual contemporary primitive art.

We have arrived at the juncture where art and science need new vehicles for the dissemination of humor. These new approaches will enable us to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to better serve the internet. Good art is slow as hell.