Humor is the true color of craziness.

Life is crazy

Crazy art never knows which side of the canvas is the painting.

Crazy paintings can pass through walls like ghosts and can see farther being painted by weirdo giraffes (crazy art makes sense).

Crazy art is the true color of creativity

There is not a situation of stability between art and erratic art, a behavior characterized as perceiving things that don’t exist is either craziness or creativity. With any lunatic art production, we define the difference in new way because the house of cards of art theory may be unstable.

Justin Paton, Both art and science involve personal madness.

It’s not just a matter of translating artspeak into plain language. The key is getting the public to realize that science is a work in progress, an honorably self-correcting endeavor carried out in good faith (H. Holden Thorp).

sgraffito art makes sense

The monumental beauty and heroic ideality of this whimsical universe with all these little subversive life models going on.

Sertorius, Corneille

It is not so hard to make things that look like crazy abstract art. Paintings and ideas can pass through walls like ghosts.

lunatic Santa Claus

Santa Claus paintings live in different realities because humans are allergic to change.

Looking at paintings is never more memorable than when one looks right back at you. Borderline drawings strip away the material world in name of the need to share crazy cool drawings like this apotheosis of the human figure. Human minds work far more visually or less purely linguistically than is shown in purely scientific images.

Will to Live for crazy art penguins

Do bathtubs drain counterclockwise in the art studios? Crazy painting with penguins

Crazy art is a word used to describe pictures that don't conform to the market's idea of what is normal, would not be better if Arthur Schopenhauer was left apart, "Will to Live" makes pictures happy. Feeling like being constantly watched is daily life either for borderline people or art class models.