Human brain art

The direct link between genes, brain, and visual arts can be difficult to establish. There is nothing proven and nothing known except the awareness of the artistic experience itself.

Ernst Fisher, The necessity of art

natural born instincts

The integral role natural born instincts play in winged contemporary artworks.

Brainy artworks have more grey matter. As an art viewer, art will grow in you and technique is to be admired.

nature passes nurture

Art business is an arms race in which ever-more sophisticated postmodern responses will be needed as new artists emerge. Though brainless, art pictures are brainy, enjoying a highly effective collective intelligence.

My instinct about paintings says "If you don't think about it, it's right"

Any art manipulation is art itself. And often even find its significance in "saying something"

Jean Michel Basquiat, You grow into art, or it will grow in you.

Art is just a pleasure than most humans feel it is their duty to do, because of instinct and the survival of the species. You must have nice hair. Hair is all any girl ever cared about, don't let anyone else fool you.