If we knew what we are doing, it would not be called art, would it ?

Utopia must be Good art

Snarkish art sticks to the wall

Are you sure you're happy here in the ink bottle? The deeper you go, the stranger basiliks get.

There is no predetermined set of rules of art. It is not enough to love art, one also must be nonlinear and unpredictable. You have to participate. No wonder snide inks hate art one page suddenly went nuts.

what is considered art?

What makes artwork memorable?

Good looking art pictures what moves human beings. Science aims at giving a meaning to things and their behavior. Pictures oscillate between reality and fiction, often images make an escape from the realities of life because art transforms real stuff as meaningless but attractive things.

fearless game changing art

Symbols, advertisements and logos are the targets.

Beyond symbols and simple art forms, everything has stories to tell, even about ornamentation, decadence and stupid symbols. Artistic imagery defies easy definitions because often images make an escape from the realities of life, fearless living on the edge with utopian ideals as stupid art. For centuries, idiotic humor has been an art. It's possibly one way of keeping the page out of the picture when it matters the most.

In a nihilistic web page, the goal is to announce nothing.

Art has always existed and is everywhere. The nonsensical machine is also unhappy with the curator’s decision to delay action on the repairs: The problem wasn't on my end.