Who thinks to be funny for what is art for ?

The wise man must sit on the hole in his theoretical canvas, to hypothesize some mechanisms for the issue.

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Shongololo theorem

Drawing is complicated, but art is simple. Drawing is complicated, because you want to find the mysterious meeting point between word and image. Shongololo says he implements process changes to ensure that any errors are not repeated, thus leading to improved accuracy over time. Theorems usually say if it’s associated with everything, it’s probably not associated with anything.

Funny art featuring shongololo idealism

There is no hole in the theory, knowing that it's just as wrong as all the other theorems. Connecting the dots is pointless.

Shongololo idealism is a part of proof that art is useless but eveywhere. Life is simply not as simple as contemporary art says, what a pity.

Shongololo idealism is a part of proof that art is useless but eveywhere. Minor errors that do not alter the conclusions drawn, but that are errors nonetheless.

The screen of your computer can be proved having only one side, a picture is better as a question than an answer.

art is useless but eveywhere

All pictures in the internet are digital art pictures.

The digital art paradox is easier to live with, and helping visualizing higher than three dimensions, because none can play the fool as well a wise man.

black and white funny  cleopatra

Good art do have multiple realities.

Both sides of the paper constantly intermingle and influence each other. Only collective intelligence must decide between congruent pictures. Inevitably a funny picture will be required to lose to an opponent. It's not its fault, it's its art genes! (it's increasingly clear that the nucleotide sequence has no actual biological role whatsoever)

dry humor

Art is a form of visual curiosity that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of humor. Sensation and perception are not the same picture but playful artsy snails are alive, promoting the democratisation of a skittish subjective truth, lively and unpredictable; art is eveywhere.

postmodernism funny theorems

Gnomes, fairies, and artists, usually plastic artists.

At the forefront of alternate designs and old jokes, bad paintings cater to the lower tastes and desires of others or exploit their weaknesses.

The fine art ghost haunts every postmodernist website. That things are not always what they seem is illustrated by cartoons featuring absurd fairy birds.

whimsical cuttlefish

Lemmatas are becoming a joke. Pictures are fragmented moments of memory, lacking any center of gravity, subjective truth.

"What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it.”

Salvador Dali