The two snails are shown together, where they are warmly regarded as being particularly fragile human bodies.

hodmandod psychological entropy

Psychological entropy for silly snails.

Energy and entropy likewise mental states, or cause and effect aren't basic things. They're ways of talking about things. (Sean Carroll)

"Surrealism is weirdness psychologized and academicized."

Hilland Cotter

Surrealism is weird like snail snot

Nothing to say but the humorous tradition of raising the basic philosophical questions that touch upon our flowery language. The reality of interesting art remains invisible.

Pleasures of life in the slow lane stretches the truth

Why do snails eat art drawing paper ?

People used to see slowing down as a snail idea - there's nothing you can do about it. Snails who pushed art boundaries, each time making abundantly evident that the slow art form is alive and well. Fine art is hard to move quickly. Fast snails break with the conception of art as mimesis of nature.

Art snails enjoy only the appearance of reality.