simple drawings are wrong

Art is unpredictable, simple drawings are wrong, every fifth picture is artsy.

Like all tools, humor can be misused, Lunatic rhinos rule aesthetics.

Mother and calf rhino (Nakuru Lake, Kenya). A life model who had 84 chromosomes would certainly become something quite unexpected such as a rhinoceros.

Blake Horn, Proverbs of the Rift valley. In such doodles, the details really matter, choose a mind-clearing activity that works best for you. For every two steps forward, we see a step back.

Duchamp drawing monkey

“What does it mean that you can’t seem to settle on a single organism to study?”, Ambika Kamath

After all, any living creature on this planet has an evolutionary history exactly as long as the evolutionary history of any other living creature, stretching billions of years between the moment when life began and right now.

In God we trust; all others require data

Good pictures prefer to think before acting, because it’s impossible to propose a credible solution to a problem that you don’t understand.

There’s going to be a gap between what we would like to measure and what we can measure; acknowledging that "In God we trust; all others require data”. Specifically, lunatic rhinos use unexpected art as a lens to interpret the world, avoiding a consistent misperception of the world.

Complexity is the answer, live for now.

The aim of this page is to present the fundamentals of life complexity theory in accessible way. Donkey's years ago, web art pictures experienced the well known oddly compelling trade off between time and space, as well as the necessity for pruning unnecessary details.

Understanding of the complex relationships between art and the tree of life, communicate with others to avoid ambiguous misunderstandings.

More space equals less competition for resources such as water and sunlight, so it’s easier for these outer trees to grow bigger and stronger while those on the inside fight it out amongst themselves.

No art theory is complete without comments from incurable nut cases displaying aggressive incorrectness.

There are five rhino species and 11 subspecies; some have two horns, while others only have one. In India, one-horned rhino is found. This might not be easy, but good things rarely are.