graphic art

Graphic art

I make shallow art because flat things are easier to store.

graphic art sloth as truth

Skill is unimportant or even annoying when openness and transparency are expected.

Kazimir Malevich

visual perception human body

Visual perception of graphical elements

Fine art is not considered graphic design until typography is applied. Desert shrimps point to another unfortunate but realistic fact: it is so hard about defining what emotion in art is, but claustrophobic earthworms have the answer.

graphic art more life-like than conceptualism

Etching was the photography of Rembrandt’s day. The most accepted interpretation of the function of squids is that they are involved in visual understanding.

Allan Kaprow, Graphic art is a life-like conceptualist.

Beware of non natural ideas loves graphic arts

Preserving aesthetics by too severe a rule is a worrisome malady.

Leonardo da Vinci, Greasing the wheels of art with emotion and persuasiveness

funny graphic arts

Graphic art must be slightly funny or sad or openly confusing or seriously algorithmic.

Graphic arts represent a meeting point between word and image, and now you want to find this mysterious point.

The brightest and most forward thinking students have gravitated towards graphic design.