Male drawing model for art class, because humor is not a joke.

Male drawing model for art class

Male drawing model with clothes on and without humor? Or without clothes and with humor? Looks like the cat is finally out of the bag.

Sometimes a figure drawing cartoon can be a double edge sword. Figure drawings themselves participate in a race to the bottom.

human figure drawing

Human figure drawing

Why should I draw dead fish, onions and beer glasses? Girls are so much prettier.

Marie Laurencin

There is nothing which draws the attention of the half-sleeping occasional passing walker to the picture so much as the naked human body.

How to be an art class model ?

How to draw an an art class model ?

The truth is in the details, not the broad sweeps. The only real learning comes from failure. Model drawing the line on what you could and you couldn't do.

how to be art class nude model ?

How to paint truth from art class model?

What is shown struggles to mimic the idea of the true universal, and only silliness or craziness can mirror that.

helen of troy posing

You are never too young or too old to learn to draw.

Annibale Carracci