Good art is astronomically improbable and seriously nonsensical

Anxiety is the rust of life

Don't take life too seriously, the resulting picture is seriously nonsensical, an example of parataxis, maybe paraprosdokian

Waxoil fears nothing but apophasis (but not mentioning it).

Sirius is not serious

Sometimes it's good not to be too serious

Waxoil removes the rust of life (Aluminium etching with ferric chloride shown)

hidden complexity in art

Representation of hidden complexity in art

Parodic images are true and is not true at the same time. The conflict between being "Serious" or being "Sirius" could be nothing less than "cosmic" or "comic", from imaginary cosmologies and archaic figurations. We must recognize that some things are similar and that other pairs of things are different.

sgraffito wax drawing

There are black holes in the images where we simply don't know what the artists do. Garbage art seen as an enemy that could be defeated through ritual and proper preparation.

Every art web site has it's own quirks, rapidly bottoming out, but isn't that quirky. It is not possible to make everybody happy all the time.